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Tips for Choosing Healthy Koi Fish

Who is not entertained to see the beauty of koi fish? The beauty of koi fish captivates ornamental fish lovers around the world. In addition to enjoying the beauty of koi fish, the presence of a pond with a small amount of water is a powerful way to relieve stress. These ornamental fish have an interesting ability, Koi fish can recognize people who take care of them. They also feel uncomfortable with strangers, Koi fish express it by swimming in the bottom of the pond. If you are looking for koi fish care, you can visit our website.

Caring for Koi fish requires patience so that the fish is always healthy. This koi fish care starts from choosing Koi fish at the pet shop. Look for Koi fish seller who has well-maintained ponds. Bubbling water in a pond can be a sign that the pond is unhealthy and the fish in it can carry disease. Don’t be fooled into buying sick Koi fish. Unhealthy Koi fish tend to swim alone at the bottom of the pond and look limp. Choose Koi fish with brightly colored sides and Koi fish that move agile. Healthy Koi fish have a straight backline and when they bend, their body curves look nice.

In buying Koi fish, don’t forget to take into consideration the size of the pond that you have. Ideally, there are only 1-2 koi fish in 1 ton of water. If you put too much fish, it can make koi fish more susceptible to disease. Do not immediately put the koi fish you just bought in the pond and mix with other existing fish. Newly purchased koi usually experience stress due to long trips and placed in plastic bags with limited oxygen supply. We recommend that the new koi fish be quarantined for two weeks. In addition to reducing stress, quarantine also prevents new koi fish from transmitting the disease to existing fish.

Ponds that are too small will limit the growth of fish so you cannot produce large or jumbo-sized koi fish. While swimming in a pond that is too deep will make us difficult to enjoy the beauty of the koi fish’s color. Optimally, make the pool depth at least twice the length of the fish. But it’s good if you make a pond with a depth to anticipate the growth of koi fish. Choose the location of the pool in an open space with sufficient exposure to sunlight.

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