/Koi Fish Are Pets Too!

Koi Fish Are Pets Too!

Koi fish are not just fish but are truly pets. They are wonderful critters to watch and interact with. They enjoy interacting with both humans and other pets as well and would therefore be an asset to any home. Their calm and smooth swimming actions allow for a very relaxing time for their owners. There are different types of koi from which to choose and some of the types of koi fish are Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, and Utsuri to name a few. There are more than one hundred varieties though.

The fun starts with getting the pond ready for these critters and continues when you are ready to choose your variety. Even if you see them as little ones in the pet shop, you must keep in mind that they grow very quickly and can get very big. It is important therefore to start your pond with a decent depth of about three feet. A good idea would be to have a shallow area for when they are small, and then, as they grow, have access to the deeper area. The idea of the pond is to host your pets as well as for you to have a quiet and serene spot to interact with them. Careful planning of everything from start to finish is therefore vital.

The types of koi are similar in body structure, but one can see the differences by the markings on their bodies. This will also help in identifying each one of them, especially if you are going to name them. You should name them as they are your pets. You will find that it is inevitable that you would name them as these types of fish develop their own characters and personalities. They have similar responses to their owner as most other pets do.

If you do not talk to them, which is what interaction means, they do become depressed too. That means that you must make the commitment to treating them as pets and not just as mere fish. It is therefore not just about feeding them but it is also about taking care of them. You have to watch carefully for ailments such as fin rot, body flukes, dropsy, and other types of ailments. Pond problems and other underlying problems can cause these ailments. Through regular interaction with your pets, you will be able to see any changes in the pond health or the health of your fish.

Feeding time is an important part of interacting with your pets. When you feed them, you should feed them enough food that will only last for five minutes. You need to ensure, though, that all of them eat enough. It is not a huge problem because they do eat bugs, and other things such as algae, they find in the pond. However, it would not be enough to sustain them. Once your pond and your koi are settled you can relax and enjoy the experience. Even so, you should ensure that the pond is maintained, clean and that your pets are happy.



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