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How To Take Care Your Koi Fish

Koi fish is an asset for everyone who cares for it. Both in terms of financial and in terms of the beauty of the residence of the owner. Unfortunately, there are still people who don’t know how to properly care for koi fish. It’s a pity that the fish that have a high enough price is not maintained even have to die in vain. To reduce this risk, it’s a good idea to learn how to maintain koi properly and correctly. Visit our website to get various products of koi fish care.

Koi fish are native fish originate from Japan. Japanese people strongly believe that these fish bring luck to their owners. This fish is also trusted by Japanese people as a symbol of eternal love and friendship. Here are some ways you can maintain koi fish.

1. Choosing a healthy koi
This first step is a fundamental step in how to treat koi as a pet at home. Koi is a freshwater ornamental fish that is very popular with the community so that market demand is quite large. This market demand certainly makes the koi farmers overwhelmed until irresponsible individuals appear who sell quality koi / even fake koi. To avoid this you should choose a fish shop that has a pretty good reputation around your place of residence.

2. Preparing the Koi Fish Pond
Like some other types of freshwater ornamental fish, koi fish really need good water quality. You must prepare clear water free from any contamination, including chemicals. For those of you who want to make a pool that uses cement, do not immediately put the koi into the pond. New cement ponds usually still leave a smell of cement that cannot be accepted by koi fish. Also, keep the acidity of pond water at 6.5 to 8.5 levels.

We can use several types of koi fish ponds, either in the form of cement ponds, garden ponds or soil pools. Then what about using an aquarium? Koi fish are highly recommended not to be placed in an aquarium. Koi requires a considerable amount of space so that fish ponds are more suitable than aquariums. Filters are also used by koi breeders as a way to treat good koi fish. Koi fish filters are usually up to 4 so that filtration of dirt and bacteria is more perfect.

3. Adjust the Amount of Koi in One Pool
Koi fish need a space that is quite relieved to grow quickly. The amount of fish that is not in accordance with the capacity of the pond actually inhibits the growth of koi fish. Try adjusting the amount of fish you have with the size of the pond.

4. Keep Water Quality
The next way to treat koi fish is to always maintain the quality of pond water. Always pay attention to the temperature and level of turbidity of the water. Do not let the koi fish become cloudy. Even though you have used a filter system on koi ponds, sometimes the pool water can become cloudy. You should replace 10% of the water in the pond once a week. Never replace water as a whole because fish need time to adapt again.

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